måndag 16 mars 2009

Day 77.Snipp Snapp SNut, så Va Sagan Slut.

I always knew that this day would come, this horrible, this heart-tearing-aching-breaking-unbeloved day has come.But im not even close to ready for it. And i'am not prepared, im not prepared mentally or for the matter that i still havent pulled my shit together yet. Presents is still unchecked on my list and we still had to roll over to the other side of new york to pick um Emz fly ass nametag. No sleep in days, out of the 77 days we have been here, i guess like 7 of these days did i actually get some what called sleep from. it was worth every sleepless hour, no doubt about it. if i could have taken back the hours that i have sleept on, i woulda!
Tiden har gått så snabbt så att jag kan knappt resumera allt i en mening. Jag kan inte ens definera en slags känsla. Euphori kanske. Kanske Mindblowing mind trip en resa,livs insyn i högsta nivå, typ hundratusen interna skämt, självinsikt kontroll, inspiration & uppskattning av det man har. införskaffat det man inte hade, uppgraderat min garderob-0,00 kr på kontont, typ redan första veckan lol, kul, inte egentligen men aa..blässed to däff. Kan vi haffa allt i ett ord?

Jag kunde inte riktigt roa mig igår, Terry keept lookin at me and keept sayin : it's not a goodbye sis, it more like a "heey see ya soon, or later sis!". I know Terry, i tried too keep that state of mind activated. iam not that good of an actriz,culdnt really hide the hurt me. - i'am gonna miss you terry!! & lil terry!! Words will neever say enough how thankful iam to you. I know fe shure that i'll be remniscin on our all talks, the dinners u provided us.." TACOS TONITE!"-nights. All the Night life wit my love Emma, dulce de leche. Varje sekund med dig har vart fylld me glädje och tryggheten själv. Även de kvällarna som vi har "talked" it out i nattstundes sängplacering har jag vart lugn i hjärtat med dig. Intense stunder där man kunde ha valt och visa en mindre atraktiv sida, har kärlekn var där. Kärlek till alla som har ställt upp för oss genom resans gång, Isaak, the super douche himself, men min älskade bror, du vet inte huuuur roligt jag har haft med dig!!!! jag vet att kärleken är ömsesidig din tönt. The whole swedish crew in L.A. olov,hassan <3>
Everybody who made our trip to the best one ever, wow.. to our new york homies, everybody from 88 keys (ocho, i saw the video! u dont need the viagra!), to the retrokidz,to hasan in the cornershop on baychesta station, soooo manyyy love u all!! to myself for having such a great sence of danger. Happy to be alive.
Soft om ja dog nu, så har jag ändå upplevt nåt på min bucket list....Wasima.

Le finale. På riktigt nu. Everytime we got up and left for new adventures in a new city. We left new lovers and new friends. Relationships with people that really had started to get used to us and we to them. Everytime we would leave it would be a new good bye to a new family.
Till alla som hatade (men egentlgen älskade oss) i LA. We are so blessed to have met every single of yall, Isaak mitt hjärta, Hassan, Olov, Skanky, Tedaka, Sara, Pavan, Katta, Jazz, Marcus mr model, Kevin, Court, Lemar nice meeting u again. so many. Just all the party people in LA. Muaaah!
And to our BIGGEST sweethearts ever n ever in Miami, Fatima och Inna, ni e bäst- vad vore vi utan er. och Miami utan vår kvartett!? Ni är guld.
To foremost Terry Terr up in the BX, New york. You are truly our brother and anything we could do, we would do for u! Even in the hoodest parts of New york, u made us feel so safe to have a home. Broooor!
..ok ok thank u to Kenny mr retro unge too.
But this time when we got on a plane, there was no new city with new adventures.
It was our old city, with no adventures to explore. Truly the ending of an era.
Wasima min blods syster para siempre kommer ja minnas denna resa. Det vi delar är oändligt. I now know that through thick n thin, we will survive ANYthing together. Men våra äventyr e inte slut. They will always continue no matter where we are. Cuz we are the swedish connection, 'member that! ...Emma

Day 76. Can't u see we freeeeeSH.

So up until a few days ago we thought that we was leaving on monday. note its saturday today. Buuut as we looked closer we actually leavin on sunday. TOMORROW. So me and my luv 4 life -companion Wasi rushed through the last stores and got the last things and gifts. Les Stress. Sträss stress strèss! Being the superwomen that we are we managed to get it all done.
Last night of New York. Last night of the USA. Last night of livin la vida loca. Last night of adventures. Last night of crazyness. Last night of freedom. ONE NIGHT ONLY!
So of course we went out with biggy broo Terry, and celebrated his cousin Brians b-day.
We swung by Club 1 first, but the guys felt we had to leave cuz they had som unswaggaristic ladies stalkin them up in the club. But it ended up with me, Wasi and Terry at Duane.
Anywaays, miss Wasimeezy got up on the catwalk and started gettin freekaay. Dancin the night away. Finished the night of with some of that fresh new yorker italian pizza and a cab home. Tomorrow is the finale.
The ending of an era.

söndag 8 mars 2009

Day 75. "Don't doubt din sexuella läggning,, eller hans,"

Eureka!! sol!! shall we start this day with some chai thea and morning glory? We had some last minute shoppin to do, so we head into the big city what so called early this day to not stess ourselves like we always always always ALWAYS manage to do. Gettin around was mad cool, until it started raining and i started crying. WaterDrops in so many forms. During the day the phone was buzzin, this weekend was about to go-DOWNNN.. everybody had a party - to be at, to go to, to throw, to crash, to paarty at! IF ONLY i could transport myself to be at 29 difrent places at one time, that would be dooope riiight!
Last night when were at The Dreams release party, we meet our lil buddy Toones, who mostly takes care of parties himself, and he had one big party at this Club in Queens. His primito lived in Bronx so we Hit Alex up, told him to pick us up on the way so we could roll up there together, so he did with their other cousin Tubbz from Konvict Muzic.
Arriving to the club we really understood that it was a strippclub that we just have arrived to.
Wooow. Toones embraces us with hugs and the table was prepared for us to get jiggy with.
Titties and asses - ladys with assets. walkin around naked like it was their casa. Thickness all over the place. thighs for day, got me all dissy. Men vänta, Nu Kommer det fram en strippa till Emma. The lady starts doing what she does best. spread it. jigglyin and wiggliyn.Girl, that girl frolickin better than most people was fakkin. Jag blir livrädd. En what so supposed to be called scared Emma, är inte längre rädd, she is now THROWING SOME D's on it. Smiling laughfin home gurl was loving it. Hahah good times for reals. The girls really put out a good show. I truly gained a type of respect for them. I know that their proffesion isnt the most respected one. But of these girls are sweethearts, they are making that easy money.
They are fantastic dancers, stronger than what u could ever imagine, fysiskt och phsyskiskt. dom får stå ut med konskvenserna av that. I could never ever bare myself in that kind of environment and that type of business, at the end of the end day its their job, and they can do what ever. But like i said.. wow.
I clearly see why there is so many songs about strippers.
" shes every mans dream, she gods gift to earth,women they love them to, that whats you call a womans worth" to quote mike jones on that t-pain joint "i'am in luv with a stripper"..
The night was so much fun, you would be suprised over the variation of people in the club, you had everything from hoodest dawgs to the most sophisticated people u can imagine, ladies out there clubbin with their man. enjoyin the night. Hotballers,shotcallers, peeps from the music industri was breezin around all over the club. U never know who you could run into.
Around that 5 ish we left the club, chilled for a second then we decided get our "fyllekäk/frulle?" på en dinner vid bronx, the guys orderd chicken vings,wit fries,honey mustard sauce,barbquee and sweet sour cream to that.. så där lagom lätt för magen, och vi beställde pasta. pasta alfredo damn it was so goooooood. Men inte så god så att ja beställer den igen, för ja ska tala om för dig att jag spenderade hela kvällen i toaletten. HEADS UP.